It’s here, at last! Legal recognition of Sign Language of the Netherlands [Dutch version.] This afternoon, the Senate of the Dutch Parliament voted about the Law recognition Sign Language of the Netherlands. It was approved unanimously. With this law, Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT, Nederlandse Gebarentaal) becomes an official language in the Netherlands, next to Dutch and Frisian. Massive congratulations to the Dutch sign language … Continue reading It’s here, at last! Legal recognition of Sign Language of the Netherlands

Eindelijk! Wet erkenning Nederlandse Gebarentaal [English version] Vanmiddag stemde de Eerste Kamer over het wetsvoorstel Erkenning Nederlandse Gebarentaal, dat unaniem aangenomen werd. Hiermee is de Nederlandse Gebarentaal (NGT) nu eindelijk een officiële taal in Nederland. Proficiat aan de Nederlandse gebarentaalgemeenschap en in het bijzonder de mensen die hier jarenlang voor gestreden hebben! Het wetsvoorstel is een initiatief van Attje … Continue reading Eindelijk! Wet erkenning Nederlandse Gebarentaal

British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill passed final hurdle

Today, just a few hours ago, the Scottish Parliament passed the British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill (which will become an Act after receiving Royal Assent). With the passing of this Bill, Scotland becomes the first region of the UK where British Sign Language (BSL) is given legal status. The often mentioned 2003 “recognition” of BSL … Continue reading British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill passed final hurdle

‘Sign Language Act’ approved in Finland

This afternoon, the Finnish Parliament voted in favour of the 'Sign Language Act'. Now the first thing you might think when you read this is ‘Wait a minute, didn’t they already have recognition legislation’? And you’re right. Finland has had constitutional recognition since 1995. Section 17 of the Constitution on the ‘Right to one’s language … Continue reading ‘Sign Language Act’ approved in Finland