Media and impact

“VGT aan tafel”, first episode of a series from the Flemish Sign Language Centre, where sign language/Deaf Studies researchers talk about their work (December 2022)

VGT aan tafel #1 – OT.mp4 from Vlaams GebarentaalCentrum vzw on Vimeo.

Master in Applied Deaf Studies video (with Annelies Kusters and Hilde Haualand) (November 2022)

A Bot Topic: Debate continues over the role AI interpreting has in BSL access industry. The Limping Chicken, 28 September 2022.

Avatar geeft reisinformatie in Nederlandse Gebarentaal (website Hogeschool Utrecht, 21 September 2022)

Exploring automatic text-to-sign translation in a healthcare setting – Dutch Sign Language with Dutch captions, signed with Floris Roelofsen and Nienke Sijm (November 2022)

Gebarentaal-avatars- een blik op de toekomst (interview in Woord & Gebaar, October 2022)

Interview with SignOn about ethical and responsible development of sign language technologies – International Sign with English captions (April 2022)

Maartje interview.mp4 from Vlaams GebarentaalCentrum vzw on Vimeo

“Keeping up with Deaf Studies”: internal seminar for SignON (December 2021)

Interview with Sandra Schügerl about the research report ‘Remote Sign Language Interpreting in Times of COVID-19 (with Oliver Pouliot) – International Sign with English captions (2021)

The legal recognition of sign languages: advocacy and outcomes around the world (with Joseph Murray and Rachel McKee) (June 2019)