Media and impact

Master in Applied Deaf Studies video (with Annelies Kusters and Hilde Haualand) (November 2022)

A Bot Topic: Debate continues over the role AI interpreting has in BSL access industry. The Limping Chicken, 28 September 2022.

Exploring automatic text-to-sign translation in a healthcare setting – Dutch Sign Language with Dutch captions, signed with Floris Roelofsen and Nienke Sijm (November 2022)

Interview with SignOn about ethical and responsible development of sign language technologies – International Sign with English captions (April 2022)

Maartje interview.mp4 from Vlaams GebarentaalCentrum vzw on Vimeo

“Keeping up with Deaf Studies”: internal seminar for SignON (December 2021)

Interview with Sandra Schügerl about the research report ‘Remote Sign Language Interpreting in Times of COVID-19 (with Oliver Pouliot) – International Sign with English captions (2021)

The legal recognition of sign languages: advocacy and outcomes around the world (with Joseph Murray and Rachel McKee) (June 2019)