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Access: A Bird’s- Eye View (Languages and Lives in Deaf Communities, Centre for the Study of Language and Society, University of Bern, 18-19 November 2022).

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Don’t mention the machine. The #awkward future of human sign language interpreting. (#efsli2022)

Sign language interpreting: a quick fix for inclusion? (with Hilde Haualand – SLIANZ conference 2022)

Is “good enough” good enough? Ethical and responsible development of sign language technologies (#AT4SSL2021)

Presentation slides

Language diaries as a research method in the study of language use and language choice (with Inge Birnie, #EELC8 2020)

Sign language rights for all, and for ever? (keynote presentation #wfd2019, Paris)

A Band-Aid on a gunshot wound? Sign language interpreting and the illusion of inclusion (with Hilde Haualand, #wfd2019)

The legal recognition of sign languages: 20 years on (with Joseph Murray, #wfd2019)

A Band-Aid on a gunshot wound? (with Hilde Haualand, #wasli2019)