See Hear special on Deaf Eugenics

De aflevering van See Hear over “Deaf Eugenics” is hier online te bekijken. Aan u om te oordelen over de inhoud ervan.

Zie ook het ABC-filmpje rond Eugenics.

2 responses to “See Hear special on Deaf Eugenics”

  1. Yes it is a shame that UK is moving towards a “fascist” regime – putting Deaf parents through all questions and tests for any signs of deaf genes if they go through IVF.

    UK Government has been influenced by the medical professions that deafness is an illness disease, in which this isn’t. d/Deaf people leads healthy lives with many happiness.

    Shame on UK Government!

  2. You’re right deafness is not an illness disease… But we must be honest, deafness is one of the most horrible handicap you can have…

    I’ll try to explain; about 7 years ago, I was outside with some colleague (smoke-break). I was alone, because it’s so difficult to speak with a deaf person.
    So 4 of them were chatting. When I want to go back to the office. One of the colleagues stopped me and said (very articulated, you know what I mean) “We are discussing about what is the worst handicap; blindness or deafness. All 3 women said blindness of course. We can see that you ‘re very well integrated in our hearing environment… But the last of the four, a guy said, “not me, I prefer blindness because I can’t miss the music, communicating, I don’t want be lonely…” And there was a silence, none of colleagues has reacted…

    About Eugenics, if you can know before birth that your child can be handicapped why will you keep it? I mean live is already hard enough so why make it harder? It’s only selfish if I wanna a deaf child because is it hart warming to have family members like you… But unhappily the world don’t turn because of you and your family.

    I mean the most important thing by humans after eating, sleeping and drinking is communicating… Yes, we’ve sign language but is that enough?

    Just a stupid example, since last 4 months I’m back single… And I’ve already 3 dates with hearing girls and none of them I couldn’t understand clearly. When I was younger, small-talk (how is the weather?, where you from?, what do you do?,..) was fine for me. But Now I’m a few years older and small talk is becoming a waste of time for me… People who knows me very well, know what I mean…

    Please don’t attack me but I’m always up for a good debate.

    Kind regards
    Glen, deaf since birth and a sign-language user…
    (ISorry for my English, I’m Dutch native… )

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