Corona survey for sign language interpreters

Thanks for being here (again)!

This is the home page of the longitudinal survey designed by Dr. Maartje De Meulder (HU Utrecht) and Oliver Pouliot (Overseas Interpreting). 

This is a survey for professional sign language interpreters. The answers to this survey will help us to get a better view of how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting and innovating remote work in the sign language interpreting profession. This data will be used to inform a research article on this topic and inform the sign language interpreting practice. We aim to publish this article open access so you know what’s happening around the world in these unusual times! 

The first wave of this survey was open from Wednesday 1 April 2020, 21.00 CET, until Friday 3 April 2020, 21.00 CET. 1.168 interpreters from 43 different countries participated in this survey. The second edition was open from Wednesday 15 April, 21.00 CET, until Friday 17 April, 21.00 CET. This time the survey was available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese. 871 interpreters from 40 different countries participated in this survey.

The third and last edition will be open from Wednesday 1 July until Wednesday 8 July, 21.00 CET. This time the survey is also available in German.

A big thanks to Rafael Treviño and Sergio Zurita (español), Hanna Beer Furtado (português), Sophie Pierozzi (français), Karolien Gebruers (Nederlands) and Lena Aßhauer (Deutsch)!

Your continued participation is appreciated!